About Analog2Digital R.N.D

What we do here, and why do we do it.

Electronics have been an important of our daily lives, for a few generations now. Some of us are pretty hooked on our electronics, in some cases, we try stay current on the latest greatist things, for the amazing new levels of functionality have to offer. And! in some cases we collect vintage electrons, often because if properly maintained, they last forever. Sometimes because, high end vintage prduction equipment will often offer level of overall dependability, that is simply no longer available. Sometime our reasons for wanting ventage equipment are estetic, we just like that classic look and style. Sometimes an old device has a sentimental value to us.

What is we could retrofit that old tech with new components, in the process restoring its functionality, in our lives ?

For example…. What if in the process of restoring and/or recycling, a high quality vintage washer and dryer set of kitchen set (matching oven, stove, refridforator, trash compactor and dishwasher ,ect..) We could discreetly install modern digital components, that would make the kitchen set, operate with modern lavel functionality and efficiency.

That’s what this Analog2Digital R.N.D is concept is about! The process of designing those moderm moduler components, that would allow, vintage electronics fans, the option to restore and recycle and extend the life and functionality, of their favorite vintage electronics! 

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